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Right Kei-01

It’s Right to be Wrong

Today is YOUR day to do everything right ― even if you’re totally wrong. If you’re a designer, this is just another day for you so carry on as usual....

Wrong Kei-01

It’s So Wrong But it Feels So Wrong

We should not take for granted that tomorrow, March 15th, is Everything You Think is Wrong Day. This is a day that should be observed by everyone...

Illustration of cup pouring liquid into a bucket

Are You Listening?

I recently attended a talk hosted by the Guilford Merchants Association (GMA), a business organization that hosts nationally known speakers to share their insights on success. The speaker at this event was Kristen Brown, a motivational speaker...


Rethinking the Typical

We’re all guilty of thinking we know everything, even when the information we’re being given is for our own good. Don’t dive in the shallow end of the pool. Don’t cross the double yellow line when driving uphill. And, for the love of god, please...


Office Habits Die Hard

After falling flat on my face in my attempt to stop eating Peanut M&Ms in last week’s experiment, I decided to focus this week’s post on my quest to learn more about habits and how we can use them to positively influence our lives. As...


Man vs. Small Chocolate Candy

Interning at a design firm with a group of creatives obsessing over the minute details and fielding questions like why I used a particular color of tape to hold up a cord that was invisible to 97.5% of people has me beginning to think more...


Designing a Workspace that Works for You: Without a Chair

With CNN broadcasting headlines like “Sitting Will Kill You, Even if You Exercise,” it’s no wonder standing desks have become popular office furniture. Why is sitting so bad, though? And is the alternative—standing for eight hours—really feasible?...


Cancer Patient to Intern and the Power of Relationships

Imagine sitting face to face with your doctor and hearing those words that no one wants to hear “You have cancer.” Do you know what would go through your mind? What would you do? Who would you think about? Well, it happened to me 386...