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No One Ever Got Fired For Hiring I.B.M. Unfortunately.

Trust Relationships Over Data

When an agency wants your business, they’ll only give you the data they want you to see—the good stuff. To get the whole truth we should give as much validity and credibility to our intuition as we do to traditionally “rational” processes....


The True Cost of Bad Design

Our culture often treats design, at least graphic design, like the professional equivalent of scrapbooking: it’s an interesting distraction if you have the time. We (as designers and consumers) respect organizations willing to invest in themselves....


What’s Your Story?

Who is the hero of your brand story, you or your customer? Will your customers recognize themselves in the narrative you’ve written?...

House Style

Notes on a House Style

While watching this seamless handoff between traditional New Orleans-style jazz, gospel and blues, it occurred to me that while all of these acts were known for a particular style of music, their real style was centered around excellent craft....


What Designers Actually Create

Fifth Letter is playing multi-dimensional chess. Finish one assignment, move one piece, and a plethora of new opportunities are exposed....


Life as a Science Experiment

Learning is where it’s at. In this week’s post, find out more about thinking differently and experimenting with life....